We are an upscale boutique facility and have limited rooms available for our overnight guests. Because of this we ask that you please adhere to our cancellation policy. We require a 50% non-refundable deposit for all hotel stays. If you must cancel, and do not do so within 72 hours of your stay, your card will be charged the full amount of your reservation.


Owners must bring your own dog food. This will avoid disruption in the dog’s diet which can lead to increased stress and stomach issues. We want it to feel as close to home as possible for your dog. We ask that you pack each individual meal in zip lock bags for the entire length of your dog's stay, this will avoid accidental over/under feeding. Edible treats are welcome, however rawhides are not, as they pose a potential chocking hazard. If for some reason you do not bring food for your dog, you will be charged $5 per meal for our house food (grain free Natural Balance).


Please make sure medication is clearly labeled and has clear dosage instructions.


Hotel stays require a veterinarian certificate indicating proof of vaccinations for distemper, rabies, parvovirus, and 6 month bordatella for at least 7 days prior to stay. A clean fecal float is also required and must have been performed in the past six months. Titer protection may be substituted for the distemper and parvovirus vaccinations. If your dog has any health conditions we should know about prior to arrival, please let us know so we can update your client profile.


All dogs must be on a flea and tick prevention regimen. Please bring proof along with the certificate of vaccinations from your veterinarian.


If for some reason your dog becomes ill while you are away we will contact you and your veterinarian immediately and our on site vet tech will asses your dog. If you cannot be reached your dog will be taken to your veterinarian. In the case of an emergency during regular business hours, after hours, and on nights and weekends, your dog will be taken to Angell Memorial Hospital. In either situation you assume all financial responsibility associated with care.


Please alert us at time of check-in to any allergies your dog may have.


Boston Paws requires all dogs to pass a temperament test. All tests are done during regular business hours prior to check-in for stay. Please call to schedule. For the safety and happiness of all our dogs we do not tolerate fights, humping, or any other behavior that is deemed unsafe. Because of this we have a one strike rule. We reserve the right to ask you to remove your dog from the facility at anytime.


If your dog has separation anxiety we highly recommend you use our in-home sitter. Leaving a dog that has separation anxiety is unsafe and unkind. It is extremely stressful for the other dogs being boarded, and you may incur significant costs for the repair/replacement of goods and/or property your dog may damage due to this. Your dog could also injure him/herself or other dogs in an attempt to escape the facility. The signs of separation anxiety vary but are typically pretty noticeable. If you have questions on whether or not your dog has this, please ask one of our trained professionals.


Boston Paws provides beds, blankets, food and water bowls for all our guests. We ask that you please refrain from bringing any items from home except for food. Boston Paws is not responsible for any lost or damaged items.
Please be sure to read and sign our Liability Waiver and know the policies before leaving your dog at the hotel.